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Dominique Reighard is back on center stage with her 1881 Apparel line!

Fans and followers around the world know her as an America’s Next Top Model All-Star who was a standout participant in three seasons of this monumental television franchise created by Tyra Banks.

Dominique is a self-starter who embodies the entrepreneurial spirit, “I want to be proof that you can pivot from one industry to the next and still find success by fusing your talents, life experiences and connections.” She credits working in the entertainment industry and life’s adversities for preparing her to run a multi-million dollar company, E.E. Ward Moving & Storage, with her husband, Brian Brooks.

Dominique continues to take on new endeavors with the launch of  1881 Apparel on February 5th. The apparel line is inspired by the legacies of John T. Ward and Eldon W. Ward. These entrepreneurs defined patience, discipline, perseverance, and service with dignity.  John T. Ward was a fearless trailblazer who served many years as a conductor on the underground railroad. His great-grandson Eldon W. Ward, who led the company for over 50 years, was an admired business leader committed to not only uplifting his family-owned business, but also his community.

E.E. Ward Moving & Storage is the nation’s oldest black-owned business. This iconic business legacy should never be forgotten as it continues to ignite the entrepreneurial spirit in today’s society. Dominique believes that if you want to control your destiny and create a legacy, you must work for yourself as John T. Ward and his son, William S. Ward did in 1881. She states,“I want to inspire others to expand their vision of life, business, and realize the endless possibilities of creating diverse income streams. 1881 Apparel is a movement that inspires others to dream big and to take action!”

The E.E.Ward Moving & Storage Co. legacy of enduring slavery, the U.S. Civil War, Great Depression, two world wars, Great Recession and 26 presidential terms will never be forgotten now that it is united with fashion!

Entrepreneurs and dreamers can wear a piece of history that inspires them to write their own script and live like the iconic John T. Ward. Through the motto, “If Ward can then I can!”, 1881 Apparel line is a movement that will evolve into more than just a clothing brand, it will inspire entrepreneurs to achieve.

The movement is about being 1881 Strong in the 21st century!!!

Our Team

Dominique Brooks

Dominique Brooks

Founder of 1881 Apparel Co-Owner Of E.E.Ward Moving & Storage